That’s two..but who’s counting

30 03 2012

Well, I got my second email request for a reading.  It wasn’t as easy as the first time I tried to Channel.  I learned from Kim O’Neill’s Angel Intensive Workshop that there might be times of the day that are better for connecting with your angels or receiving information.  I was also a little worn out and tired when I tried so that may have blocked me somehow.  I waited and tried again at the same time of day that I received the information so easily the first time and it made a big difference.  The reading just flowed smoothly and I actually received some visual answers. I got some really clear pictures in my head as well as dialog which was different than the last reading I did.  I received some feedback from the person that I channeled for that said it seemed to be right on track and actually confirmed some of what I channeled but it wasn’t too detailed so I guess I’ll assume that since the person didn’t tell me it was a bunch of hogwash that meant nothing to them, that I must have done okay because Idid receive some pretty strong messages. 

I was just finishing up the last line of the email I sent to the person about thier reading and something really cool happened.  I got a sudden urge like DON’T FORGET to tell them! This person’s Angels had a message for them that I had forgotten to write in the email and they stopped me right before I ended the email to remind me to tell them this.  It was a feeling like when you go to leave and someone yells at you as the door is closing to tell you that you forgot something.

Anyway, during both readings the messages came across pretty clear but since the readings were for someone else and not me I could not relate to any of it and kept feeling like I really hoped it would mean something to the person I was channeling for.  For those of you who have experience Channeling, have you or do you feel this way when doing a reading?  I don’t really know how to explain what I’m trying to say other than I feel really detached from the information I’m receiving so it makes me second guess if it will mean something to the person who I’m Channeling for and I wonder if they will just feel like it’s some generic info that I tell to everyone. (Even though I’ve only done this for a total of 3 people now including the one at the Angel workshop and all the readings were VERY different).




Yay me!!

27 03 2012

I’m SOOOO excited! I received my first email request yesterday for a reading and I was very nervous.  I did what I learned in Kim O’Neill’s Angel Intensive Workshop and found a quiet place, cleared my mind, took 3 deep breaths and said a couple of affirmations before channeling the information.  I really did not know what to expect but to my surprise the answers came to me very easily and fluently.  This person’s Angels were very excited to have someone asking questions for them.  I sent an email  with the information I channeled and received a very excited response and lots of confirmation on what was read.  I’m grateful that someone took the time to let me practice on them because it will do wonders for my confidence level. I’m sure at some point the apprehension will start to go away which will probably make it even easier to channel.

Practice makes perfect

26 03 2012

So I sat quietly and attempted to channel last night.  I recieved information for two people whom I do not know and for two people that I do know.  I decided not to do anything with this information other than keep it documented and dated so that in the future I can refer to these as confirmation whether accurate or not.  I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself.  I am constantly asking for confirmation from my angels when receiving information and have received very real signs so I am trying to learn to trust and have faith that I am indeed receiving this information.  I guess It’s still so new to me that it is far from being “normal” or second nature to me.

I will give an example of my angel’s giving me a “sign”.   I have been asking my angels to show themselves to me and as of yet this has not happened.  I received a message from my angel who’s name is James but he goes by Jaime and I asked him to show himself to me if he was in fact giving me information. He said he would in due time but not until he thought I was ready. I then asked that if he were truly communicating with me (and I wasn’t just talking to myself with my eyes closed) to please close the door of the room  I was in.  When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see that the door was closed. Not all the way which is why I didn’t hear it close but only open by about a half an inch.  Even though I was given what I asked I was still in disbelief.  I opened the door ALL the way and went into the kitchen for a drink.  On my way back into the room I was trying to rationalize how the door could have closed if not by my angel and said to him, “well I bet you can’t do it again”. I  turned the corner of the hall to go into the room and the door started closing VERY slowly right in front of me! I put my hand out to stop the door from closing all the way and said aloud ” OK, you win. I know it’s you”.

I would really love feedback if anyone reading this has had any experience with spirits or angels.  Also I would love an opportunity to practice on anyone who is willing to ask me a question.  You can just post your question here or email me at .  All I need is your first and last name, age and where you live.  If you are asking the question about someone else I will need thier name, age (approximate age if you don’t know exactly) and location.  Please do not send a phone number as I will not be responding by phone.  Please do so knowing that I am really new to this and if I do channel any information for you I would really love for you to let me know either way if it is accurate or not.

My challenge to Channel

25 03 2012

I’m completely new to blogging. This is, in fact my very first blog post ever. If anybody is reading this I first want to Thank You for taking the time out of your busy life, and second ask that you bear with me while I work out the kinks.

I decided to start a blog for several reasons. The first being that I have felt compelled to do so several times but have neither taken the time or had the courage to do so.  I guess I also want to do it to give myself some accountability for the changes I need to make in my life.  I have always loved journaling, but do not do it nearly enough.

As a child I had a few experiences with what most people would call ghosts or spirits.   My mother always had a “sixth sense” and seemed to “know” things before they happened.  This subject seems to be somewhat of a taboo in society so I never really confided these things to people.  Within the past year  a family member that has played a very significant role in my life passed away.  She has visited me in my dreams and given me information about and messages for family members.  I have recently also had several “psychic” experiences so I  started to look into the subject more.   I bought a couple of books How to talk to your angels  and The Calling by Kim O’Neill who is a psychic/channel based out of Houston, TX.  I was so taken in by her experiences that I actually scheduled a session with her and was overwhelmed with the accuracy of the information that she gave to me.  She informed me that I didn’t need her to access this information and that I could do it myself. After all, a lot of what she told me were things that I somehow already instinctively have known all my life.  It was eye-opening to get so much confirmation from her.  She made me realize that what I had been calling Intuition all my life was really me communicating with my Angels and following their guidance.

Yesterday I attended her Angel Intensive seminar in Houston where she offered some theory about the concept of angels/spirits and gave us the opportunity to do a little practice channeling for ourselves as well as for someone else.  She said not to be surprised if after this class we start receiving more and more information from our angels as well as those of others.  I took her advice this morning which was to channel for myself (she told us to make some time at leasts once a week) and was overwhelmed with the urge to start a blog which is what brought me here.

During the session yesterday she had us get a partner and have them give us an object. We then told the other person anything that came to mind during this time.  I was pretty nervous because I had never done this before and was worried that I would either not get anything or if I did, none of it would be relevant to my partner.  I was pleasantly surprised.  My partner said that everything I “read” was exactly right and it all had some kind of meaning for her.  I don’t really have anyone close to me in my life to share these experiences with so I am hoping to find a like minded community online of people who have had these sort of experiences.  I would really like at some point to maybe find people that are open to allowing me to practice on them and see if I can channel any information for them.

I also want to use this blog as a way to just document my journey so as I make (or don’t make) progress I can come back and read my experiences along the way.    Be forewarned: ANY outright negative comments will be deleted as I really want this to be a place for people to get and give positive experiences and feedback without feeling judged!