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6 04 2012

Well, I have done several readings through email requests and I have to say it has not only gotten easier, but it is actually starting to become fun! I’ve received feedback and verification from all but one and so far they have been all positive responses. I have asked for people to go to my testimonials page to post some feedback about their readings but for some reason I am only getting e-mail responses.  Regardless, I’m grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to practice channeling.  I am signed up for a more advance Angel Intensive Workshop by Kim O’Neill towards the end of April so I’m excited to learn more and expand my knowledge. 

One of the readings I did was very different from the rest in that I actually had someone come through.  I had clear visions of a person smiling and waving.   This is unfortunately the person who did not respond with feedback after their reading. I saw the person so clearly that I could describe them and the clothes they were wearing.  I’m very curious to know whether the person that I was channeling for knew who it was.  I normally receive information as dialog but this reading had several clear pictures too which was kind of fun. 

I was wondering for those of you who channel, does your information come in different forms and was it always that way or did it change as your skills developed?




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6 04 2012

Thank you for your response to my question (via email) and I appreciate the amount of time that was put into it. I’ve never had channeling done through email but it was a great experience and I can feel that you are very good at what you do – keep at it. There was so much comfort in your words and a kind of peace that came over me while reading them – and I think you know what I mean. Most of what you said projects into the future and, at times, I’ve feared it but now I’m going to just relax and enjoy the journey.
Thank you.

6 04 2012

AW! You are so very welcome! And Thank You so much for sending me your question and allowing yourself to be my “guinea pig” so to speak 🙂 I’m so grateful for people like yourself who are giving me the opportunity to practice my channeling as it seems to get easier and easier each time. I get so much joy when I read feedback and know that I touched someone’s life or even put a smile on their face for the day 🙂

Would you be so kind as to take a moment to leave a line or two under my “testimonials” page when you have a chance?

Peace and Love!!

19 04 2012

RE: I was wondering for those of you who channel, does your information come in different forms and was it always that way or did it change as your skills developed?

There are a lot of ways we can potentially receive information, and being aware of it can help you recognize when you get it. Seeing, hearing are often the first things we recognize, and this can vary a lot from seeing a movie, or just a picture, or a symbol of something. Hearing can be sentances, but for me it’s often just a word.
Conversation often just flows through me without me actually hearing it or remembering it afterwards.

Smells come through (particularly with smoke or perfume for me!) Physical sensations (for me this sometimes indicates how a person died, or they’re sharing a significant injury the client will recognize) – Emotions can be shared, feeling of anxiety or great joy. Physical symptoms of an illness can be shared. Also, there’s the knowledge drops – a huge lump of information, and also simply “knowing”. It’s all energy exchange, so there’s no limitation. It’s just practice.

Are you doing grounding, clearing and psychic protection exercises too? They’re important! 😉

21 04 2012

thanks so much for your response to my question! I have not yet experienced smells but I have experienced a headache while doing a reading and I found out that the person who came through had died of a stroke so i don’t know if maybe thats what it was about.
I haven’t heard of grounding or clearing exercises, would you mind elaborating on that?

23 04 2012

Grounding and clearing exercises are essential for anyone who gets into this sort of work, as well as energetic and healing work. You know how moods are contagious? It’s all energy we pick up from each other. I’ve seen animal communicators burn right out in a few years because they don’t know how to protect or heal themselves. You know how some psychics or mediums can seem really floaty and just “out there”? That sort of thing comes from lack of grounding.

Most importantly, you need to be able to recognize when you’ve picked up energy from someone else and know how to release it or cleanse it from your own aura. Otherwise these things can build up and drag you down, make you sick or put you off balance.

At some point I’ll have recordings from my classes available for free on the website – hopefully soon.

In the channeling erik forum, in the “off topic” room, there’s a thread called “Tips and suggestions for those with the gift of being empathetic” – in that thread Stanley describes his own grounding and clearing exercise, and he posted the location of a free recording. I also went into some detail about psychic protection there…

Echo Bodine has some useful suggestions in her book “the gift” – so does Sylvia Browne in her first few books. Linda Keen has some very comprehensive exercises in her book “Intuition Magic”.

You can search for “grounding meditations” and “clearing meditations” and “protection meditations” you should be able to find some things. There’s no one right way to do it, just as long as you come up with something that works for you and you do that consistently. 😉

29 04 2012

thanks for the info! I will look in to it 🙂

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