This is getting fun :)

6 04 2012

Well, I have done several readings through email requests and I have to say it has not only gotten easier, but it is actually starting to become fun! I’ve received feedback and verification from all but one and so far they have been all positive responses. I have asked for people to go to my testimonials page to post some feedback about their readings but for some reason I am only getting e-mail responses.  Regardless, I’m grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to practice channeling.  I am signed up for a more advance Angel Intensive Workshop by Kim O’Neill towards the end of April so I’m excited to learn more and expand my knowledge. 

One of the readings I did was very different from the rest in that I actually had someone come through.  I had clear visions of a person smiling and waving.   This is unfortunately the person who did not respond with feedback after their reading. I saw the person so clearly that I could describe them and the clothes they were wearing.  I’m very curious to know whether the person that I was channeling for knew who it was.  I normally receive information as dialog but this reading had several clear pictures too which was kind of fun. 

I was wondering for those of you who channel, does your information come in different forms and was it always that way or did it change as your skills developed?


That’s two..but who’s counting

30 03 2012

Well, I got my second email request for a reading.  It wasn’t as easy as the first time I tried to Channel.  I learned from Kim O’Neill’s Angel Intensive Workshop that there might be times of the day that are better for connecting with your angels or receiving information.  I was also a little worn out and tired when I tried so that may have blocked me somehow.  I waited and tried again at the same time of day that I received the information so easily the first time and it made a big difference.  The reading just flowed smoothly and I actually received some visual answers. I got some really clear pictures in my head as well as dialog which was different than the last reading I did.  I received some feedback from the person that I channeled for that said it seemed to be right on track and actually confirmed some of what I channeled but it wasn’t too detailed so I guess I’ll assume that since the person didn’t tell me it was a bunch of hogwash that meant nothing to them, that I must have done okay because Idid receive some pretty strong messages. 

I was just finishing up the last line of the email I sent to the person about thier reading and something really cool happened.  I got a sudden urge like DON’T FORGET to tell them! This person’s Angels had a message for them that I had forgotten to write in the email and they stopped me right before I ended the email to remind me to tell them this.  It was a feeling like when you go to leave and someone yells at you as the door is closing to tell you that you forgot something.

Anyway, during both readings the messages came across pretty clear but since the readings were for someone else and not me I could not relate to any of it and kept feeling like I really hoped it would mean something to the person I was channeling for.  For those of you who have experience Channeling, have you or do you feel this way when doing a reading?  I don’t really know how to explain what I’m trying to say other than I feel really detached from the information I’m receiving so it makes me second guess if it will mean something to the person who I’m Channeling for and I wonder if they will just feel like it’s some generic info that I tell to everyone. (Even though I’ve only done this for a total of 3 people now including the one at the Angel workshop and all the readings were VERY different).