Practice makes perfect

26 03 2012

So I sat quietly and attempted to channel last night.  I recieved information for two people whom I do not know and for two people that I do know.  I decided not to do anything with this information other than keep it documented and dated so that in the future I can refer to these as confirmation whether accurate or not.  I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself.  I am constantly asking for confirmation from my angels when receiving information and have received very real signs so I am trying to learn to trust and have faith that I am indeed receiving this information.  I guess It’s still so new to me that it is far from being “normal” or second nature to me.

I will give an example of my angel’s giving me a “sign”.   I have been asking my angels to show themselves to me and as of yet this has not happened.  I received a message from my angel who’s name is James but he goes by Jaime and I asked him to show himself to me if he was in fact giving me information. He said he would in due time but not until he thought I was ready. I then asked that if he were truly communicating with me (and I wasn’t just talking to myself with my eyes closed) to please close the door of the room  I was in.  When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see that the door was closed. Not all the way which is why I didn’t hear it close but only open by about a half an inch.  Even though I was given what I asked I was still in disbelief.  I opened the door ALL the way and went into the kitchen for a drink.  On my way back into the room I was trying to rationalize how the door could have closed if not by my angel and said to him, “well I bet you can’t do it again”. I  turned the corner of the hall to go into the room and the door started closing VERY slowly right in front of me! I put my hand out to stop the door from closing all the way and said aloud ” OK, you win. I know it’s you”.

I would really love feedback if anyone reading this has had any experience with spirits or angels.  Also I would love an opportunity to practice on anyone who is willing to ask me a question.  You can just post your question here or email me at .  All I need is your first and last name, age and where you live.  If you are asking the question about someone else I will need thier name, age (approximate age if you don’t know exactly) and location.  Please do not send a phone number as I will not be responding by phone.  Please do so knowing that I am really new to this and if I do channel any information for you I would really love for you to let me know either way if it is accurate or not.