If you have asked me a question and I have channeled an answer for you please take the time to provide some feedback here.


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30 03 2012
Blue Aventurine

A simple sentence was turned into a treasure trove of confirmations for me. I am happy that I asked a question to confessionsofachannel. The response was detailed and time was taken to give me more information about a part of the response. Very professional.
I have recommended mini readings to other friends.

8 04 2012

Thank you for your response to my question (via email) and I appreciate the amount of time that was put into it. I’ve never had channeling done through email but it was a great experience and I can feel that you are very good at what you do – keep at it. There was so much comfort in your words and a kind of peace that came over me while reading them – and I think you know what I mean. Most of what you said projects into the future and, at times, I’ve feared it but now I’m going to just relax and enjoy the journey.
Thank you.

9 04 2012

Thank you so much for your email reading for me! You received very accurate information about my beloved grandmother in Spirit, and to hear the guidance from her ~ which I knew in my heart, but support and confirmation are always welcome ~ was most wonderful. You are a gifted channel and I am excited to watch your journey unfold as you continue to blog. Thank you! 🙂

19 04 2012

thank you for your reading! i was admittedly still rather skeptical until you mentioned the sign from my guide – that blew me away because of how it was related with the message that you gave as well as that I’d encountered that sign very recently. there’s still work to be done, but your reading helped clear some of the doubt. all the best in your journey! 🙂

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